Kornel Wolak

BMus (Paderewski Academy), MMus (Indiana), PhD (Paderewski Academy)
Music Performance Instructor

MacLaurin Building, Room A179
By Appointment
T: 250-721-6568 |C: 647-400-0400

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Brief Biography

Highly acclaimed for his musical imagination and astonishing versatility, Dr. Kornel Wolak has toured Europe, Asia and both Americas as a soloist and clarinet clinician.

As a concert clarinetist, Dr. Wolak has performed with the renowned Quartetto Gelato, regularly appears in recitals as chamber musician and as soloist with American and European orchestras. He continues to expand the clarinet repertoire by commissioning new pieces. ¬†A “Fryderyk” nominee (Poland’s highest recording award), he is a regular fixture on the CBC, Classical 96.3 FM, Public Radio International, and NPR in the US.

Since 2015, Dr. Wolak has been actively involved in research on the role of oral articulators in clarinet playing at Speech-Language Pathology Department at University of Toronto. Together with Drs. A. Slis, A. Namasivayam and P. van Lieshout, he is using 3D Electromagnetic Articulography (AG501) to measure tongue movements when playing various articulation types on the clarinet. The current study is focused on analyzing tongue action in single, double, and side-to-side staccato articulation.

Dr. Wolak is a regularly published author of articles on clarinet-related issues in Your Muse, the largest music magazine in Poland, in which he is an editor and contributor of a section called “Clarinetist’s Vademecum”. He is also the founder of Music Mind Inc., an initiative that creates music education programs as well as designing and making intraoral teaching tools for woodwinds.

Dr. Wolak is the winner of the Debut Atlantic Tour, Prairie Debut Tour, British Columbia Touring, Allied Concerts Tour (USA) the Royal Conservatory Concerto Competition and the Presser Music Award. “Control, and a smooth, elegant expressivity‚Ķ are what make Wolak shine.” (John Terauds, Toronto Star)

Clarinet studies at UVic with Dr. Wolak concentrate mainly on:

  1. Clarinet performance
  2. Chamber music

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