Mary Copland Kennedy

B.A. (Penn. State), M.A., Ph.D. (U. of Vic)

External Faculty - Associate Professor - EDCI
Philomela Women's Choir (Conductor)

MAC A161
By appointment

Areas of Research & Creative Activity

Dr. Kennedy's research interests include choral music, creativity, and music and community. At present she is embarking on a Canada-wide study investigating how accurately non-select secondary choral music students can sing the national anthem. Financial support for this study has come from both the Canadian Music Educators Association and the Don Wright Endowment for Music Education at UVic.

Recent Course Offerings

MUSIC 188/288/388/488: Philomela Women's Choir
ME 201: Foundations of Music Education
ME 207: Music in the Elementary Classroom
ME 309B: Choral Techniques for Middle and Secondary Schools
ME 407: Music in the Secondary Classroom
ME 409: Instrumental and Choral Lab (Instructor of Record; Instructor for Choral Portion)
EDCI 761: Professional Year Course: Secondary Music Methods
EDCI 500A: Advanced Seminar in Music Education (Historical and Philosophical Foundations)
EDCI 501: Research in Music Education

Brief Biography

MARY COPLAND KENNEDY is an Associate Professor of Music Education, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in music education in addition to conducting the Philomela Women's Choir. Prior to her appointment at the University of Victoria in July 2005, Dr. Kennedy taught for five years at Rutgers University in New Jersey where she was the choral music education specialist and director of the Voorhees Choir. Dr. Kennedy's research interests include choral music, creativity, and music and community. Among her publications are articles in Journal of Research in Music Education, British Journal of Music Education, International Journal of Music Education, Music Education Research, Research Studies in Music Education, and Choral Journal. In addition, she has presented papers and sessions at local, regional, national and international conferences and written three book chapters for Canadian Music Educators Association publications. Dr. Kennedy is on the editorial boards of International Journal of Music Education (Practice) and Update: The Applications of Research in Music Education. Within the department of Curriculum & Instruction, Dr. Kennedy serves as the Graduate Advisor for Music Education. As well, she advises undergraduate music education students both within the Faculty of Education and the School of Music. She serves on Senate, Senate committees, Faculty committees and Department committees. Since arriving at UVic in September 2005, Dr. Kennedy has been instrumental in the redesign of the both the undergraduate and graduate music education programs. In recognition of her efforts with the choir at Douglass College, Rutgers University, she was awarded a 2007 Douglass Medal for Outstanding Service to the college.

Selected Professional & Creative Achievements

Dr. Kennedy has been the conductor of the UVic Philomela Women's Choir since the fall of 2005. Under her leadership the choir has undertaken the production of its first CD, entitled appropriately First Flight, and its international tour. The choir toured Hong Kong in May 2009.

Dr. Kennedy is a frequent workshop presenter at local, national, and international conferences and a choral adjudicator.

Recent/Upcoming Publications

From Sea to Sea: Snapshots of Music Education in Canada. Diskussion Musikpaedagogik, 41, 35-40 (2009).

Earthsongs: Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning. International Journal of Music Education: Practice 27(2), 169-183 (2009).

The Gettin' Higher Choir: Exploring Culture, Teaching and Learning in a Community Chorus [accepted for publication International Journal of Community Music]

Book Review: Tunes and Grooves for Music Education: Music for Classroom Use by P. S. Campbell [accepted for publication Music Educators Journal]

Cross-cultural connections: An investigation of Canadian and American Patriotic Songs [joint author with Susan C. Guerrini] [accepted for publication Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education]

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