Call for scores

UVic Symphony Orchestra, UVic Wind Symphony, and the UVic Jazz & Creative Music Ensemble

The purpose of the reading session is to offer the opportunity for composers to hear their
compositional ideas come to life and to workshop ideas for large ensemble.

Composers will write for:

  1. UVic Symphony Orchestra, directed by Ajtony Csaba
  2. UVic Wind Symphony, directed by Dr. Steven Capaldo
  3. UVic Jazz & Creative Music Ensemble for silent film, directed by Dr. Patrick Boyle

In the reading sessions participants will receive feedback from the directors of each respective
ensemble as well as from UVic composition faculty (Dr. Anthony Tan, Dr. Anna Höstman, Dr. Taylor
Brook). Students may also consider their submissions as drafts or first steps towards a more
complete orchestration / composition for a later date.

Due to COVID-19, it may not be possible to rehearse compositions in person. Composers should
consider how a large ensemble work may be coordinated online through Zoom or outside.
Synchronization of the parts may involve the use of a click track or other electronic elements.

We are accepting applicants from three categories:
1. UVic Composition students
2. Any UVic Music student
3. Composers based in the Vancouver Island community. Any composer regardless of age,
nationality, race, or gender may submit. We are particularly interested in composers from
under-represented groups in large ensemble repertoire including Indigenous peoples, persons
with disabilities, members of visible minorities, women.

Selections will be made on the general creativity of the work, as well as technical details
such as scoring, and idiomatic instrumental writing. Works will be selected by a jury
consisting of the UVic composition faculty and the directors of each ensemble.

Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline: January 22, 2021
  • Duration: up to 5 min.
  • Submit one full score for the selected ensemble. Composers may only submit one score and
    for one ensemble.
  • Send the scores digitally in PDF format. No Sibelius or Finale files will be accepted.
  • In the email of your submission, please indicate:
    1. Name
    2. Category (UVic Composition student, UVic Music student, Community)
    3. The chosen formation
    4. Optional Self-Identification
  • Composers must write for one of the following formations:
    1. UVic Symphony Orchestra:
        a) Winds/Brass: 5 from the following instruments: 3(3. Picc).2.2.2 –
        b) 15 (fifteen) from the following instruments:
                a. Keys and percussion: harp, 2pno – Timp+1
                b. Strings
    2. UVic Wind Symphony:
        a) One-per-part (1+picc.1+bcl.1.1 – – – perc.pno)
        b) Any subset of the above. Doubling possible if online.
    3. UVic Jazz and Creative Music Ensemble – Score for open/non-specific
  • Applicants will be contacted individually for the results
  • Readings will occur in the Spring 2021 semester. If you are selected for the readings, parts and
    full score will be due 3 weeks prior to the reading session. The date of the reading session
    will be based on each ensemble’s rehearsal schedule.
  • At least one composer from each group will be selected to write a full scale work for the
    next season of that ensemble.
  • Please send submissions to Dr. Anthony Tan: