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The idea of this small project is to promote "Festival Reports" in a similar way as we have Studio Reports. The goal is to promote your Festival, to describe goals of different Festivals all over the world, to make available to composer a list of available festivals during the year from all over the world.

If you want to see the festival you organize or your festival report (you can also write a report as a participant to a Festival where you were present), mentioned in this page fill the form. If at the end we will have enough participation we could also organize an evening of short festival presentations.
email contact:

Message posted on: Monday 19, February 2001

Festival Name:IX Festival Internacional de Musica Electroacustica "Primavera en La Habana"

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Where takes/took place: La Habana, Cuba
Dates: March 4 - March 9, 2002
IX Festival Internacional de Musica Electroacustica "Primavera en La Habana 2002" will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of electronic music in Cuba. It is scheduled between March 4 till March 9 of 2002.
Once more President of the Festival will be Maestro Juan Blanco and its General Director will be Enmanuel Blanco. The historical district of Habana, the theater Mella and the theater Amadeo Roldan will host the event.
Deadline for submitting works and papers is on January 15, 2002. Sent your work to the LNME - Laboratorio Nacional de Musica Electroacustica. Note that all works submitted to ICMC 2001,where authors authorized it, are considered as well as submissions for the IX edition of the Festival on March 2002.

Message posted on: Tuesday 20, February 2001

Festival Name:VII Festival Ecuatoriano de Musica Contemporanea

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Where takes/took place: city of Quito, Ecuador
Dates: from June 26, 2000 through July 1, 2000
The "VII Ecuatorian Festival of Contemporary Music" was
a huge success as it included the performance of a wide range of pieces, both electroacoustic and instrumental.
It was organized by the hard working people of the DIC
(Department of Research and Composition) of the National Conservatory of Quito, Ecuador. The Festival Director is the Ecuatorian composer Julian Ponton. The Festival included a CSound seminar and a curated concert in charge of Martin Fumarola featuring Latinamerican ea/cm and an electroacoustic drama by Neil Flory.

Message posted on: Tuesday 20, February 2001

Festival Name:IV National Symposium on Computer Music and Image

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Where takes/took place: city of Cordoba, Argentina
Dates: September 27 - 28, 2000
Organized by Prof. Eleazar Garzon, the Fourth edition of the "National Symposium on Computer Music and Image" included both computer music pieces performances and lectures. Several pieces by SEAMUS members Neil Flory, Lucio Cuellar, Larry Austin, Michael Rhoades, and Martin Fumarola were performed as well as by Eleazar Garzon, Ricardo Dal Farra, Miguel Calzon and other well-known Argentinian composers.
The event was held in the Spain-Cordoba Cultural Center and there were Paper Sessions reflecting on-going researchs in topics like microtonalism, algorithmic composition, and multimedia.
Some info is available here:

Message posted on: Monday 23, April 2001

Festival Name:TEMPO: Berkeley Festival of Contemporary Performance

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Where takes/took place: Berkeley, California, USA
Dates: June 1-9, 2001
TEMPO: The Berkeley Festival of Contemporary Performance, June 1-9, 2001 in Hertz Hall at UC Berkeley, is a six-concert series featuring new compositions, premiere performances, and improvised, interactive works. The festival, presented by the UC Berkeley Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) and Cal Performances, features an international gathering of some of today’s most exciting and innovative musicians and composers in performances that blur the lines between improvised and composed music. The music will encompass a wide range of musical styles, from contemporary concert music to jazz to ragas, while incorporating the cutting edge computer music technology for which CNMAT has become internationally renowned. Featured artists include: Friday, June 1: Steve Coleman and Five Elements; Saturday, June 2: Roscoe Mitchell with George Lewis, George Marsh, David Wessel, and Thomas Buckner; Tuesday, June 5: Music of Edmund Campion, with Lauren Carley, David Milnes, Karen Rosenak, William Winant, Vincent David and special guest choreographer Carol Murotta and dancers; Wednesday, June 6: Shafqat Ali Khan, Pakistani Khyal vocals, with David Wessel and Matthew Wright, live electronics; Friday, June 8: Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players, David Milnes, Music Director – a concert of West Coast and US premieres by Cindy Cox (US – featuring trombonist Abbie Conant), Atli Ingólfssohn (Iceland), Michael Jarrell (Switzerland), Philippe Leroux (France), Jorge Liderman (Argentina/US), Yan Maresz (Monaco/Italy), Martin Matalon (Argentina/France); Saturday, June 9: John Schott (guitar and live electronics), plus John Abercrombie, George Marsh, Rich Fudoli, and Mel Graves. A festival pass is $75 for 6 concerts and individual tickets are $15 dollars per concert. Student discounts are available with a valid student ID. Tickets are available from TicketWeb at From the TicketWeb home page, select the region California-Northern, then search for the keyword TEMPO. TicketWeb provides phone sales (for an additional charge) at 1-800-965-4827. TEMPO is made possible thanks to the support of The National Endowment for the Arts, Mutable Music, the UC Berkeley Consortium for the Arts and Department of Music, the Cultural Service of the Consulat Général de France in San Francisco, Gibson Guitar Corp., Apple Computer, Cycling74, Sherman Clay & C

Message posted on: Tuesday 08, May 2001

Festival Name:Norbergfestival

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Where takes/took place: Norberg - Mid Sweden - Europe
Dates: 26-28/ 7 2001
Electronic festival in mid Sweden in a closed iron mine. DJ's + live acts, art and visual installations. Lights and large video projections. Rapelling 65m, eco and quality international food, interactive performances. Nice weather! Avant-garde, ambient, future jazz, trip-hop, techno and house. Outer limits, shoe-gaze and DJ skills. Nordic and international artists. Travel from Stockholm (Arlanda Airport 170 km by car or by railway. From station = 20 km) Tickets presale on website. 3 days 50$, 1 day 20$. Credit cards accepted. More info on (english site opens mid may) See you in Sweden this year !

Message posted on: Friday 24, August 2001

Festival Name:Sonoimágenes 2001

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Where takes/took place: Buenos Aires - Argentina
Dates: 08/27 - 09/01
The National University of Lanús (Argentina) is pleased to announce the second edition of the Festival "Sonoimágenes", which consists in five seminars and six concerts of acoumastic music and video realizations. This year we have the presence of Daniel Teruggi, from the INA-GRM; James Paul Sain, director of the FEMS ­ Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio of the University Florida EE.UU. and of the FEMF, Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival; Jacques Clos and Hans Tutschku from the Ecole Nationale de Musique du Pays de Montbeliard, France; Flo Menezes, director of the Studio PANaroma - Sao Paulo, and of the Bienal of Electroacoustic Music of Sao Paulo, Brasil (BIMESP) and Mario Arenas Navarrete from the University of La Serena, Chile. Each one of the visitants will give a seminar/master-class and a concert presentation. In the concerts we will also have preformances of argentine musicians such as Enrique Belloc, Luis María Serra, Jorge Rapp and Ricardo Dal Farra among others. The Festival will beguin on Monday 27th, ending September 1st, and has daliy presentations in the Auditorium of the University and in different auditoriums of the city of Buenos Aires. Furhter information, or the whole program: or Artistic Direction: Daniel Schachter - Raúl Minsburg - Luis Pietragala

Message posted on: Sunday 14, October 2001

Festival Name:Spontaneous Generation

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Where takes/took place: Oaxaca Mexico
Dates: December 5-7 Deadlines November 25
Spontaneous Generation

Insect sounds are periodic and semi periodic sounds which relate in an interesting way to electronic music. Spontaneous generation is a project of a concert curated by Manuel Rocha Iturbide which will be presented in the first congress of "Old Knowledge/Contemporary World" to be held in the city of Oaxaca Mexico on December 5-7. This concert will then be presented in other venues.

Tape only compositions that deal with any kind of insect sounds are accepted. A selection of the received works will be made in order to program a concert, which will last between 1 hour and 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Submission deadline for the Oaxaca concert is on November 10th (although people can still send works after that for subsequent concerts). Interested people can send their works with a short CV and one paragraph with the notes of the work presented and an email for contact. Only the people selected will be informed by electronic mail not later than November 25.
Only DAT 44100 kHz and Burned CD's will be accepted.
Please send your compositions to:

Manuel Rocha Iturbide
Heliotropo 156
Col Barrio del nino Jesus
CP 04330 Mexico DF MEXICO
Tel 56 59 59 94
For further information please write to

If you have any question about the icmc or the web site, contact