Visual Impetus XVII January 2014 Participants


Friday, 22 January 2016

4:00 pm – Opening remarks by Dr. Susan Lewis

Panel 1: Fashioning Identity: Family; Society; Self.

4:05 pm – Panel introduction by Brian Pollick

4:10 pm – Alexandra Macdonald (MA Candidate)
Understanding the Importance of Gossip and Rumor: Johan Zoffany’s The Gore Family with George, Third Earl Cowper

4:25 pm – Kristen Matulewicz (MA Candidate)
And Down She Lay: Decoding The Lady of Shalott in Victorian Society

4:40 pm – Christine Oldridge (MA Candidate)
Sensuality, Decorum, and Self-fashioning in the Art of Rosalba Carriera

4:55 pm – Question period 5:10 pm – 10 minute break

Panel 2: Symbols and Emblems through History

5:20 pm – Panel introduction by Jaiya Anka

5:25 pm – Alicia Hagy (MA Candidate)
Post-War Tides: Situating Iannis Xenakis in the Rebetiko Revival

5:40 pm – David Christopher (PhD Candidate) Apocalyptic Impulses in Canadian Art

5:50 pm – Question period

6:05 pm – Art History and Visual Studies Graduate Association, Logo Launch by Jaiya Anka

6:15 pm – Closing Remarks by Christine Oldridge 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm – Poster fair, popcorn, & pizza

Saturday, 23 January 2016

9:00 am – Pastry and Coffee Reception

Panel 3: Sensory Reception Beyond the Object

9:30 am – Opening remarks and Panel introduction by David Christopher

9:35 am – Bailey Arnholz (MA Candidate)
Can Death Speak? An Exploration of the Voices of Images in the Medieval Art of the Macabre

9:50 am – Françoise Keating (MA Candidate)
Emblems and Proverbs: Moral Humanistic Allegories for Tapestry Makers in Manuscript 24461

10:05 am – Susan Hawkins (PhD Candidate)
Ceci n’est pas une Pomme: The Illustrated Apple

10:20 am – Question Period

10:35 am – 10 minute break

Panel 4: Textual Identity and Visual Communication

10:45 am – Panel introduction by Alexandra Macdonald

10:50 am – Zahra Kazani (PhD Candidate)
Rethinking the ‘Religious’ in the Arts: Examining the Development of the Early Qur’an as an Art Object

11:05 am – Atri Hatef (PhD Candidate)
Pseudo-Arabic Scripts in European Art (1300-1600 AD): Legible Words or Symbolic Signs?

11:20 am – Dana Harold (MA Candidate)
Graffiti or Street Art? The Importance of Terminology when Classifying Graffiti and Street Art in Cairo, Egypt

11:35 am – Question Period


11:50 pm – Lunch
Light refreshments, including gluten free and vegetarian opions provided.


1:00 pm – Keynote introduction by Alicia Hagy

1:05 pm – Dr. Dennine Dudley (Continuing Sessional Instructor) Creating Environments: My Path to Process

1:25 pm – Question period

Panel 5: Eastern Encounters

1:40 pm – Panel introduction by Françoise Keating

1:45 pm – Jenelle Pasiechnik (MA Graduate)
Assembling Oh Persepolis II: The Simultaneity of Tradition and Modernity in Parviz Tanavoli’s Monumental Bronze Sculpture

2:00 pm – Brian Pollick (PhD Candidate)
The Club of Kings: The Role of Luxurious Material Culture in the Mission of William of Rubruck to the Mongols

2:15 pm – Question period 2:30 pm – 10 minute break

Panel 6: Spirituality and Philosophy in Landscape, Architecture and Artisanal Communities

2:40 pm – Panel introduction by Kristen Matulewicz

2:45 pm – Yang Liu (PhD Candidate)
Chinese Subjectivity: The Comparative Study of Daoism, Phenomenology and Object-Oriented Ontology through the Lens of Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting

3:00 pm – Astara Light (PhD Candidate)
Movement and Meaning: Intersections between Balinese Temples and Indian Sacred Architecture

3:15 pm – Fahimeh Ghorbani (MA Graduate)
Kasbnama-yi Bafandegi (Weaving kasbnama);
Doctrine of Jawanmardi/futuwwa and Artisanal Culture in Safavid Iran

3:30 pm – Question period


3:45 pm – ARTiculate introduction: the Graduate Student Journal of Art History and Visual Studies

3:55 pm – Closing Remarks by Christine Oldridge

4:00 pm – Closing Remarks by Dr. Erin Campbell, Art History and Visual Studies Chair