Learning, Writing and Teaching


David Christopher is the Teaching Assistant Consultant for The Department of Art History and Visual Studies. David is available for one-on-one consultations throughout the year.


This is a great way to bolster your academic C.V. with another credential that highlights some of your professional work as a graduate student.  In order to successfully receive this recognition certificate, TAs need to attend at least eight hours of TAC-led workshops (i.e. all four listed above), write a three-page reflective essay, and develop an original instructional material (such as a grading rubric, lesson plan, or handouts for students). The TA Fundamentals Recognition is only available to TAs at UVic who are in departments that have a TAC. It recognizes the professional development of the TA and provides the opportunity to develop excellent life-long skills (reflective practice and designing instructional materials).





We have the opportunity to take part in four workshops that might serve you in your TA duties whether you are a first-time or more experienced TA. These workshops are designed to be interactive, practical, and casual.  While these are not mandatory, you may find them highly useful, and they are required if you wish to attain the TA Fundamentals Recognition Certificate

Here is an overview of the sessions that are offered. If you are an experienced TA and would like to add even more to your C.V. by offering a presentation at any/all of the workshops listed below, please contact David to discuss:

  1.       Orientation / Managing Your Time and Your Workload 
  2.       Making Yourself Visible/Available/Approachable 
  3.       Preparing Lesson Plans and Content / Lecturing and Public Speaking Skills
  4.       Consistent, Effective, and Efficient Marking


David is also available to conduct a collaborative discussion of your teaching following an observation of one of your TA seminars. This may feel a bit invasive, but it remains a unique opportunity for TAs in a department with a TAC to acquire some oft-unavailable professional development and reflective teaching practice.  If you are so inclined, feel free to contact David with a preferred date and time (ensure David is OK with his email being on the website or, could include the general AHVSGA email for consistency with questions – perhaps create a separate email address to field website-based/generated questions/contact).   Please be advised that it is generally better to have all of these observations completed within the first few weeks of the term so that you have time to reflect and implement any strategies that you consider valuable.