1. Where do I find program information?

The University of Victoria Graduate Calendar holds official program information, and is a valuable resource. Your department may also have a graduate handbook that you can access.  

2. When do classes and exams start and end?

All the important dates for the year can be found here

3. When do I pay tuition?

Tuition and fees deadlines are standard across all programs. Graduate fees are paid in installments three times a year. These payments are due by the end of the first month of the corresponding term (September 30, January 31 and May 31)

4. How can I get extra funding to help pay for grad studies?

5. What about health insurance?

Health and dental are provided through the Graduate Students’ Society (GSS). If students wish to opt-out of the plan they must prove they have other coverage. Follow the link to learn about coverage, and find important forms

6. How can I be better prepared to work when I graduate?

7. What do I do if I need support?