Victoria Wyatt

Ph.D. Yale University
Associate Professor
Indigenous Arts of North America

Fine Arts Building 123
By appointment| Phone 250-721-7948

Areas of Research

  • Native North American Art and History
  • Ethnohistorical photographs, oral histoyr and non-written sources
  • Native-white relations in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the Canadian North, and their reflections in cultural expression
  • Contemporary indigenous artistic activities
  • Paradigm shifts in natural sciences and their applicability to First Nations art history




  • HA 284:  Indigenous Arts of the Northwest Coast: Introduction
  • HA 382A:  Native North American Arts
  • HA 382B:  Native North American Arts
  • HA 384:  Arts of the Northwest Coast
  • HA 480/565:  Adv. Sem. in 20th Century Native North American Arts:  Protecting Cultural Properties
  • HA 482/582:  Adv. Sem. in Indigenous Arts:  Issues of Representation
  • HA 482/582:  Advanced Seminar in Indigenous Arts:  Redefining the “Mainstream”: Indigenous Art in a Time of Transition


Brief Biography

Dr. Victoria Wyatt is an Associate Professor in the field of indigenous arts of North America, with a specialization in First Nations arts of the Northwest Coast. She earned her Ph.D. at Yale University (1985). Her teaching, publications and curatorial works have pertained to art works, historical photographs, and oral history. Her courses cover indigenous arts in most regions in North America, exploring themes such as spirituality, relationships with the environment, diversity and complexity. Upper level undergraduate and graduate seminars address issues such as representations of indigenous arts. Dr. Wyatt has a keen interest in interdisciplinary collaboration. She has served on national science commissions making public policy recommendations. One of her current research interests relates to how recent shifts in methodology in the natural sciences may prove fruitful to studies of First Nations arts.

Selected Bibliography


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