Martin Segger

Adjunct Professor of Canadian Art and Architecture

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Martin Segger was the Director of the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery at the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, from 1979 until his retirement in December 2010. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, a Diploma of Education from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Philosophy in Renaissance Cultural Studies from the Warburg Institute at the University of London. In 1982 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Martin Segger started his museum career in 1974, first as an art museum curator, then developing a training program for British Columbia Museums as part of a wider museums development initiative by the Province of British Columbia. Later he developed the funding support program for the training of Canadian museum workers through the National Museums Corporation. Since 1979 he has been Director of the Maltwood Art Museum & Gallery, University of Victoria. In 1999 he was also appointed Director of Government & Community Relations, University of Victoria.

Prof. Segger teaches in the Department of History in Art where he is also Academic Advisor to the Cultural Resource Management Program. He is co-author of two international distance education courses, Introduction to Museum Studies and Introduction to Heritage Conservation.

Prof. Segger spent several years as a politician on Victoria's City Council, from 1988 to 1993, where his portfolio included heritage conservation, cultural and arts affairs and finance. He has been an active member of ICTOP/ICOM for nearly 20 years, having served on the Board for over 10 years, from 1995-98 its Chairman. He has served on the Boards of ICOMOS Canada, the Heritage Canada Foundation, The British Columbia Heritage Trust and also the Canadian Museums Association; in 1999 he was elected a fellow of the C.M.A. Among his current cultural service appointments are: Vice-Chair, British Columbia Capital Commission and Board directorships with the Royal British Columbia Museums, the Victoria Civic Trust, and CFUV Radio. He also serves on the Pontifical Commission for the Heritage, Rome.

Academic contributions have been focused mainly in the area of museology and architectural history: Victoria, An Architectural History (1979), The British Columbia Parliament Buildings (ed. 1979), The Buildings of Samuel Maclure: In Search of Appropriate Form (1986); two conservation reports for the City of Victoria, This Old House (1982), This Old Town (1984); and Exploring Victoria's Architecture 1842-1997 (1997). He has also written numerous exhibition catalogues, film scripts, articles and book reviews.

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