Geneviève Gamache

B.A. (McGill)
M.A. (McGill)
Ph.D. (UVic)


Areas of research:

  • Asian Contemporary Art
  • Visual Culture
  • Cultural Studies


How have your History in Art studies helped you since you graduated?
My studies in the History in Art Department at Uvic has helped me develop a holistic approach to art and creativity. The department offers a great variety of courses, including courses and areas of studies not offered at other universities. The department's global approach to Art is its strength. This has helped me approach topics from a multiplicity of perspective, including taking into account a multiplicity of viewers. This is vital in our global era.


Brief Biography
I received my BA and MA from McGill University and then my PhD from Uvic in 2010. I have been teaching in Canada and the USA, and I am now working at Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. I am interested in post-modern theories in a globalizing ‘Asia’. I am particularly interested in issues related to tranditions and localism in a globalizing context and its transformative impact on culture. I see cultural institutions and artistic practices as positive forces that local cultures can use to remain active agents in a transforming global world.


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