Magdalyn Asimakis

B.A (University of Toronto)
M.A. (UVic)

Areas of research:

  • Modern Art
  • Prints & Drawings
  • Contemporary Art

How have your History in Art studies helped you since you graduated?
My graduate studies in the History in Art department at Uvic prepared me for both the theoretical and practical aspects of the world of art outside of academia and, more specifically, for employment in a curatorial department of a public gallery. Both the classes and research opportunities in which I participated helped me to understand how art from all cultures and time periods informs contemporary society. Be it conducting research, editing, or thinking critically, my experiences during my time as a Masters student inform my work and my life everyday.

Brief Biography
Magdalyn Asimakis graduated from the University of Victoria in 2010 with a Masters in History in Art after completing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto. Her interest in modern art, print culture, curatorial practice, and art theory lead to her interest in working with public art collections. Magdalyn currently works at the Art Gallery of Ontario as a Curatorial Research Assistant and the Monitor of the Marvin Gelber Print & Drawing Study Centre. Outside of the gallery, she is a freelance writer for the and Blackflash Magazine.


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