Marcus Greatheart

B.A. Honours (UVic)


Areas of research:

  • Medicine
  • Social Work
  • Community Health


How have your History in Art studies helped you since you graduated?
How to think. The relationship between text and image in the everyday word.

Brief Biography
I am a health professional, counsellor, speaker, facilitator and author, based in southwestern Ontario [think Niagara Falls]. I try to live and work from a strengths-based perspective to foster the inherent gifts and capacities in all people. I am also a friend, brother, uncle and son, singer and joker. I currently attend the Michael de Groote School of Medicine at McMaster University.

Last year I published my first book, based on my graduate research in Social Work called 'Transforming Practice: Life Stories of Transgender Men that Change How Health Providers Work' (Toronto: Ethica Press, 2013).

Like many of my friends, clients and colleagues, I work hard to maintain balance between multiple responsibilities and priorities ā€“ work, school, projects, partner, family and community involvement ā€“ while still taking care of myself. Some days Iā€™m more successful than others, but that is the benefit of working with a strengths-based perspective.


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