Ashkaughn Forghani

B.A. (UVic)
Juris Doctor (University of Sydney)


Areas of research:

  • Renaissance Art


How have your History in Art studies helped you since you graduated?
My History in Art degree has helped me in many ways, both academically and in my personal life. It helped me get into one of the top ranked Law Schools in the world. The degree is very broad in the topics it covers, ranging from courses on modern day horror movies and avant-garde film to Renaissance art, Gothic architecture, and modern Canadian art. Having such a broad range of topics to choose from as well as the workload expected from the professors has helped me greatly in my critical thinking abilities, mental organization, reading comprehension, and visual analysis. The degree has also given me a greater appreciation for other cultures as well as my own here in North America. History in Art students are exposed to cultures all over the world, the cultures and subjects include the art of Iran, the visual culture of ancient Egypt, New York Dada, the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, the European Renaissance, and many more.
Visual analysis is one of the most important skills students learn in a History in Art degree. Students are taught to look over the entire object and then focus their attention on areas of interest. Once the visual aspect of the object has been analyzed, students are taught to interpret their observations to look for meaning. This skill has been immensely important to my ability to pay attention to things at a deeper level and organize my thoughts in a more efficient and effective manner. From looking at pictures on Facebook to reading academic papers or paying bills, the skills I have developed in visual analysis have dramatically helped me in uncovering the important details of what I observe in my everyday life and using them to my advantage.
My History in Art degree has enriched my life in many ways including how I experience other cultures and how I react to the opinions and perceptions of other people. I have been very lucky to travel all over the world and experience cultures completely different than here in North America. A History in Art student is taught that the opinions and perceptions of everyone matters and are valid. People can all look at the same object and derive meaning from it in countless different ways. When I go to a museum now or a foreign country and I see the architecture, paintings, sculptures, films, and aspects of life that people in that region hold important, I am enriched. This is because I get to experience a broader range of information. I have the tools from my degree to learn what other people believe and perceive and I can compare those beliefs and perceptions to my own to gain a deeper understanding of the cultures around me. A degree in the History in Art adds intellectual enrichment and helps make the student taking part in the degree well rounded and hopefully open to learning.


Brief Biography
I graduated from the University of Victoria with my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013. In the years of my degree, I spent my free time travelling around the world. Visiting places like Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand, and Vanuatu. In Vanuatu I spent time assisting in baby deliveries and surgical operations at a hospital with Canadian and Australian doctors. I am currently a Law Student at the University of Sydney Law School.