Our Alumni

Graduates from the Department of Art History & Visual Studies (formerly History in Art) have a varied skill set that leads to careers in the cultural heritage sector; museums and galleries; consultancy work for collectors, auction houses and art dealers; teaching roles in universities and colleges, and many other occupations using visual research as a primary focus. As you can see from the success stories below, our graduates build exciting career pathways.


Justin Barski (BA '04)
Modern and Contemporary Art

Layla Bloom (BA '04)
British Art

Jaime Clifton-Ross (BA '10)
Material Culture, First Nations Art, Early Modern European Art

Ryan Church (BA Honours '12)
Renaissance & Early Modern Italian Medical Manuscripts

Gwendolyn Donaldson
(BA Honours '12)
Islamic Art

Cynthia Foo (BA Honours '02)
History in Art

Ashkaughn Forghani (BA '13)
Renaissance Art

Erin Gray (BA '01)
History in Art

Marcus Greatheart (BA Honours '07)
History in Art

Tessa Hawkins (BA Honours '10)
Islamic Art

Emerald Johnstone-Bedell (BA Honours '12)
Material Culture Studies; Museum Studies

Ayla Lepine (BA '03)
Postwar Church Architecture; Women in Colonial Victoria

Thai MacDonald (BA '98)
Asian Arts

Jessica Maclean (BA '13)
Metis Art and History; Preventative Conservation

Joseph Rumi (BA '05)
History in Art

Travis Tambone (BA Honours '05)
Media Studies, Interdisciplinary Theory, William Blake


Magdalyn Asimakis
(MA '10)
19th Century Paris

Veronica Best
(MA '10)
Public Art

David Christopher
(MA '13)
Film and Cultural Theory

Michael Coughlin
(MA '09)
Early Modern History in Art

Melba Dalsin
(MA 10')
Modern and Canadian Art

Dorothy June Fraser
(MA 13')
Art History, Queer and Feminist Art

Susan Hawkins
(MA 08')
Visual Arts & History in Art

Ivana Horacek
(MA '07)
Late Medieval and Early Modern Gift Exchange in Europe

Menno Hubregtse
(MA '08)
20th C Architecture and Public Art

Brian Pollick
(MA '11)
Trecento Italian Art

Michele Robinson
(MA '09)
Art History

Nancy Schnarr
(MA '09)
The image of Mary Magdalene in Venice following the Catholic Reformation

Regan Shrumm
(MA '15)
Contemporary Indigenous art, Olympic-based art

Patricia Tozer
(MA '98)
All things Andy Warhol

Lara Wilson (MA '99)
Non-elite (Vernacular) Photographic Production


Izmer Ahmad (PhD '08)
Modern Malaysian Art

Dennine Dudley
(PhD '04)
18th & 19th C European Art, Digital Art History

Geneviève Gamache
(PhD '10)
Art History of Southeast Asia

Tusa Shea (PhD '12)
Modern Art, Museum Studies

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