Connect the Blocks explores the intersections between art, community, and well-being. We ask you to think how art affects your life and community. What would your life be like without art? What role does art play in your community? Can art help create community? Does art enrich your life or contribute to your health? Can our community be healthy without art?

We ask you to engage these questions by helping us make a colourful mosaic. Use the provided crayons and paper blocks to make your own miniature work of art. Then, connect your block to others by inserting it into the mosaic on the back wall. Help us to create community and to communally curate.

Connect the Blocks is inspired by Michael Williams, who gave this building as part of his generous bequest to the University of Victoria. Williams is also known for his many good works. He provided support to the homeless, sponsored art projects, and helped create a vibrant community in downtown Victoria. We hope you enjoy Connect the Blocks!

Williams Legacy Chair, Dr. Carolyn Butler-Palmer, and students of the University of Victoria invite you to participate in a community-based art exhibit from January 26th to February 22nd at the Legacy Art Gallery and Café located at 630 Yates St. at Broad.

A Williams Legacy Chair Project

Opening Event

B L O C K   P A R T Y

Join us for our Opening
Thursday, January 27th
Legacy Art Gallery and Café
630 Yates St., from 5:30pm to 7:30pm

A Williams Legacy Chair Project