Student Sign-up

If you are a UVic Fine Arts student, you can request to be added to one or more of our three job board mailing lists depending on your skill sets. When a prospective employer posts a job, the listing will come straight to your inbox.

While most jobs will fall into one of these categories, jobs that fall outside these categories will be sent to everyone.


When you subscribe to the list, please use your full name, particularly if not using your UVic e-mail address. The list is moderated and will be cross-checked with current enrolment records.

Media Job Board
For jobs involving photography, video, or audio production, whether recording, interviewing, documenting, editing, or teaching in the instruction of the above. Also for jobs involving design, page layout and publishing, painting or work involving construction/assembly.
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Writing Job Board
For jobs involving writing, copywriting, journalism, manuscript editing, or transcription.
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Music Job Board
For individual and ensemble gigs, and teaching musical instrument and vocal lessons.
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Actor Job Board
For acting, background, and modelling work in theatre, film, television, and marketing.
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