Film Studies at UVic

Over the past century, film has grown from a sideshow novelty to a truly international visual language that consistently redefines itself and the relationship of filmmakers to global society. As technology advances and both filmmaking and film distribution become more accessible, the need for serious cinematic studies only increases. Without question, the more you understand film, the more you understand the world.

For more than 20 years now, UVic’s Film Studies program has been focused on the study of movies from both a theoretical and international perspective. With over 20 Faculty members spread over nine departments, the range of specialties we offer is remarkable—from vampires and the ancient world to horror, gender studies, action movies and queer cinema, to name a few. Our faculty also specializes in films from Africa, Germany, Russia, Southeast Asia, Japan, the Caribbean, Quebec, France, Italy and China, as well as other destinations.

More recently, we have begun to offer film production courses—assisted by our well-stocked Digital Media Lab—resulting in the recent likes of our Leo Award-winning web series, Freshman’s Wharf. We also have specialists in the craft of screenwriting, film scoring and sound design ready to help you make the film you want.

Our Film Studies program offers an enviable combination of lectures, screenings, writing and hands-on production work. We invite you to learn more about this growing field of research and creative activity.

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