Undergraduate Studies

Students benefit from weekly chamber coachings with faculty.

Our Values

  • Strong mentorship with individual lessons for all music majors
  • Performance and research opportunities on and off campus
  • Integration of theory and practice
  • Fostering creative musicians, artists, and thinkers

Program Goals for the Bachelor of Music degree

  • Prepare students for careers as musicians, educators, artists, and collaborators
  • Support students to work independently and in team settings
  • Understand the role of music and technology in the 21st century
  • Enhance knowledge of Canadian and indigenous music
  • Critically analyze, assess, and evaluate information on a range of subjects
  • Build musical citizens and leaders in their respective fields

At the end of first year, each student (with the help of our knowledgeable and friendly academic advisor) will choose from the following programs:

If our programs interest you, please apply!

Fine Arts Tools

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