Music Education


The Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education is offered in the School of Music, and is the ideal program if you wish to teach music in the public schools. Music Education offers excellent career prospects: all graduates of the Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education, followed by the professional year (Post-Degree Professional Program) in the Faculty of Education who have sought work in the schools, have successfully found jobs.

Bachelor of Music (Music Education) and Post-Degree Certification

To teach in the public schools of British Columbia, you must complete both the four-year Bachelor of Music Degree (Music Education) and an addtional year in the Post-Degree Professional Program in the Faculty of Education. At UVic, Music Edcuation graduates will be admitted to the Faculty of Education's Secondary Post Degre Professional Program (Diploma or BEd) provided that all minimum admission requirements have been completed. Refer to the Faculty of Education website for application deadlines and admission requirements.

Program Options

The Secondary Instrumental option is ideal if you want to be a music specialist and work as a middle school or high school band/orchestra director and teach music-related subjects. The Secondary Choral option requires a secondary teaching area so that you will be prepared to teach non-music related coureses in addition to Choral music in the schools. Refer to the Faculty of Education website for a list of approved teaching area optiosn.


Music education students are actively engaged in professional development and learning networks. For more information, please see the University of Victoria Student Music Educators' Association.


Dr. Gerald King
B.M. (UBC), M.M. (West. Wash.) Ed.D. (B.Y.U)
Head of Music Education, Conducting, University Wind Symphony (Conductor)


Dr. Adam Con
B.Ed. (UBC), M.Ed. (UBC), PhD. (FSU)
Assistant Professor
Music Education, University Chorus (Conductor)