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Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, collaboration and communication, research and writing skills, success through critical evaluation . . . Fine Arts offers all this and more. Whatever your career path, UVic's Faculty of Fine Arts prepares you for life and leadership in the 21st century.

Enroll or take an elective in one of our departments: Art History and Visual Studies, School of Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing.

There’s an added value to an arts education, and that’s being able to make sense of a complex world in rapidly changing times."   — The Globe and Mail, 2013


Dec 13 — Tuba Christmas

Tuba Christmas

Saturday, Dec 13
1-3pm at Market Square, 560 Johnson
2:30-4pm in Phillip T Young Recital Hall
By donation

Music professor Eugene Dowling & Distinguished Alumni Paul Beauchesne conduct 70 tubas & euphoniums play your Christmas favourites at this downtown fundraiser for the Times Colonist Christmas Fund, followed by featured soloists & ensembles from the School of Music. Money raised from the second concert willl benefit local tuba & euphonium projects.

Until Dec 14 — Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre: Alice vs Wonderland 

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre: Alice vs Wonderland 

Until December 14
The Roxy Theatre, 2657 Quadra
Ticket info here   

It's Lewis Carroll meets Lady Gaga in this psychedelic update of Alice's adventures by Theatre professor Brian Richmond's Blue Bridge. Featuring the creative talents of Phoenix Theatre alumni Brian Ball, Kale Penny, Bryan Kenney, and current students Rebecca Marchand and Drew May.

Until Dec 20 — Theatre Inconnu's Alice by Tom Waits 

Theatre Inconnu's Alice by Tom Waits

December 4-20
Theatre Inconnu, 1923 Fernwood Road
Ticket info here

It's Alice with an adult edge when Phoenix alumni & Dept of Theatre instructor Clayton Jevne directs the Canadian premiere of this musical by Tom Waits. Featuring the creative talents of Phoenix alumni Shayna Ward, Matthew McLaren, Cam Culham, Marina Legace, Reese Nielsen & Graham Roebuck.

Until Dec 21 — Paul Walde: Requiem for a Glacier

Paul Walde: Requiem for a Glacier

Until Dec 21
Université Laval’s Visual Arts Gallery, Quebec City
Details here

If you're in Quebec CIty over the holidays, be sure to see the latest gallery exhibit featuring Visual Arts chair Paul Walde's Requiem For A Glacier. This sound and video installation  prematurely memorializes BC’s Jumbo Glacier area, now under immediate threat from global warming and resort development.

Until Jan 24 — Vikky Alexander: The Temptation of St Anthony 

Vikky Alexander: The Temptation of St Anthony 

Nov 28 to Jan 24
The Apartment Gallery, 119B East Pender, Vancouver 
Details here

If you're in Vancouver soon, be sure to check out this exhibition of pivotal historic 1980s work by photographer and Visual Arts professor Vikky Alexander. Appropriated from fashion photography, reshot and arranged as near religious diptychs and triptychs, the works in The Temptation of St Anthony are classic postmodern takes on objectification and temptation.

Until Mar 2— The Arts of World War I 

The Arts of World War I 

Until March 2, 2105
Legacy Maltwood, Mearns Centre-McPherson Library
More info here

This cross-cultural exhibition marks the centenary of the commencement of WWI by focussing on the visual and material culture of the war—from objects, art & books to notable examples of "trench art", all of which have been drawn from the Legacy Art Galleries, the McPherson Library (Special Collections and Archives), and private local collections. Curated by Art History & Visual Studies professor Marcus Milwright.

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Fine Arts offers the following courses as elective to students in all faculties.

Art History & Visual Studies

Fine Arts

  • All Fine Art courses (FA) are available except FA 305 and FA 356, which are open to Fine Art students only.


MUS 111 Elementary Materials of Music 
MUS 108 African Hand Drumming
MUS 109 Great Film Music
MUS 115 Listening to Music
MUS 188 Philomela Women's Choir 
MUS 207 Music, Science, and Computers 
MUS 208 Popular Music & Society
MUS 209 Topics in Applied Music 
MUS 288 Philomela Women's Choir 
MUS 308 Popular Music & Society II
MUS 309 Topics in Applied Music II
MUS 316A History of Rock & Roll
MUS 316B The Beatles
MUS 319 Music and Culture of Cuba
MUS 320 Topic in World Music
MUS 325 The History of Jazz
MUS 328A  Keyboard Literature: 1500 ‚Äì 1820
MUS 328B Keyboard Literature 1820 to the Present
MUS 329 Women and Music
MUS 335 Singing for the Stage
MUS 365 History of the Guitar
MUS 388 Philomela Women's Choir 
MUS 391 Cross Cultural & Historical Topics in Music
MUS 488 Philomela Women's Choir

Other Music courses may be open to non-BMus students if they have the pre-
requisites (or equivalent background) AND if space is available. Please contact the School of Music.School of Music.


THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 102 Theatre Appreciation: From Page to Stage
THEA 122 The Acting Experience
THEA 111 Introduction to the History and Language of the Theatre:I (limited seats available contact the Theatre Department)
THEA 112 Introduction to the History and Language of the Theatre:II (limited seats available contact the Theatre Department)
THEA 132 Exploring Theatre Through Dramatic Process
THEA 150 Speech Communication: Public Speaking
THEA 210 Theatre from French Classicism to the End of the 19th Century (permission of Theatre)
THEA 211 Modern Theatre (permission of Theatre)
THEA 312 Introduction to the History of Japanese Theatre
THEA 328 The Theatre of Indonesia 
THEA 362 Costume History and Design: I
THEA 363 Costume History and Design: II
THEA 412 Modern Japanese Theatre
THEA 414 Studies in Canadian Theatre and Drama

The following Theatre courses may be open to non-majors in Theatre if they have the pre-requisites (or equivalent background) AND if space is available. Please contact the Theatre Department.

THEA 309A History of Opera to the Late Nineteenth Century
THEA 309B  Modern Opera 
THEA 310 Seminar in Theatre History: I
THEA 311 Seminar in Theatre History: II
THEA 314 Studies in Theatre in the Ancient World
THEA 315 Studies in Medieval Theatre
THEA 316 Studies in Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical Theatre
THEA 317 Studies in 19th Century Theatre
THEA 318 Studies in 20th Century Theatre
THEA 319 Studies in Renaissance Theatre
THEA 410 Seminar in Theatre History: III
THEA 411 Seminar in Theatre History: IV


Visual Arts
ART 103 Foundation Drawing and Painting
ART 104 Foundation Sculpture and Material Methods
ART 105 Foundation Photography and Video Art
ART 106 Foundation Core Media Technologies and Arts
ART 115 Exploring Drawing and Colour
ART 116 An Introduction to Documentary Photography
ART 117 An Introduction to Observational Drawing
ART 118 An Introduction to Colour
ART 141 An Introduction to Contemporary Art Photography
ART 150 Art Theory
ART 151 Introduction to Contemporary Visual Art
ART 201 Drawing
ART 202 Drawing
ART 211 Painting
ART 212 Painting
ART 221 Sculpture
ART 222 Sculpture
ART 241 Photography
ART 242 Photography
ART 261 Digital Photo-Arts
ART 262 Digital Media Arts
ART 271 Video Art
ART 272 Video Art


ART 103 Foundation Drawing and Painting
WRIT 100 Introduction to Writing
WRIT 102 Introduction to Professional Nonfiction
WRIT 109 The Writer's World in Books & Film 
WRIT 300 Narrative and Mythic Structure in Film Writing
WRIT 302 Special, Study in Craft 
WRIT 307 Basic Forms and Techniques in Poetry
WRIT 308 Advanced Forms and Techniques in Poetry
WRIT 309 Basic Forms and Techniques in Short Fiction
WRIT 310 Basic Forms and Techniques in the Novel
WRIT 311 Structure in Stage Drama
WRIT 312 Structure in Cinema and Television Drama
WRIT 313 Recurrent Themes in Literature
WRIT 314 Changing Perspectives in Literature
WRIT 329 Twentieth-Century Film Writing
WRIT 321 Issues in Journalism
WRIT 326 Digital Media for Storytellers
WRIT 330 Media and Culture
WRIT 335 Basic Forms and Techniques in Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 336 Advanced Forms and Techniques in Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 410 Special, Genres Lecture 
WRIT 412 Recurrent Themes in Film
WRIT 440 The Writing Business


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